Sunday, June 20, 2010


today afternoon after tuition n wait until night
at night, my father bring our family go to eat
1st at there sit down n start looking around
n start eat...lazy to write see pic ba

~the things under the table~
~the thigns u want just take~
~think how the things work~
~my sis make this~
~my brother feed my grnadma~

Friday, June 18, 2010

18/6/10~jusco sien~

today wake up then wait sa po's telephone
hope she can go de, but her mom did give
so sien liao lo me call hong ng but no ppl answer
thn call walter , his brother say he go out tuition liao
see like all ppl 放飞机with me ~.~""
when at 11:30 walter come my house liao
thn hong ng suddenly call me say want me wait him
wah suddenly all ppl gt go liao expect sa po
when we go to jusco liao we saw nicholes n his sis
thn we wait ying ying them at star there
thn together go to buy ticket
since buy ticket start me very very sien liao
no 1 want to walk with me ~.~ dont no why
thn me 1 person stand at there lo (sa po miss u ~.~)
after that they decided to see the movie call
"THE HUNTING LOVER" this is the most stupid movie
i haven seen before lo sien dao me slp at there
after that they go to the wt "gas online"
the stupid walter take wrong ways to there
so we walk liao a big round n then go there(so hot!!)
at there i call a soda to drink RM5 per soda ~.~
finally sze meng go give all the money thn say he qing de
he take liao 2 RM50 n give the person
we all shocked n decided to give bck money to him
we all take his wallet n put the money inside
after that we go bck jusco shopping with the girls
when 6:00 we out there n call my brother to fetch us
he say 6:30 fetch us so we go in again ~.~
when bck home me very tired oo....
go bath n eat ...
sunday want go to sunways shuang XD
hope dont boring like today lah!@#%^&*()_+

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


WAKE UP!!!!!(my mom say)
yesterday 1:00a.m slp thn she say tmr got tuition
so i wake up eat breakfast(milo) then go tuition
when i want go in to the tuition sente,
the place is locked n no ppl at there =.="
OH STUPID!!!!my mom haven comfom got
tuition or not thn want me go to try the new tuition
so we go bck quickly....=.=""
when go bck home i want slp but cant slp liao
that day is大日子so i help my mom(sien)
after that i go play com lo, thn wei guang call me
he say later 2:00p.m want come my house play
OH MY GOD!! i dont no how =.=""
finally they also come liao ..
1st they see me play com game(dota)
then me feel so ......, so open the horor movie
let them see
all see until very shuang ^^
at 6:00p.m i same go to playground with sa po n petty
yesterday sa po's mom scold her thn say dont let her go out liao
but today can wor (za dao)
so we play until 7:15 go bck liao...
at night also sien, after dinner i play until 10:30
thn go down see FIFA WC with my father
that match is 西班牙vs瑞士..
finally is 0-1, i shocked 西班牙lose le
西班牙always pro de mah but lose liao
my father say the ppl who 赌ball the will lose many money
thn today morning see the newspaper england perball is 1 millian
haiz... sien
but friday i go jusco, saterday go sunway lagoon, sunday go ..^^

Monday, June 14, 2010


2 week of holiday ~.~'' boring
finish saw the movie i continue play my games^.^
yesterday saw sa po and petty at playground
thn suddenly rain ~.~ stupid!!!
saw sa po n petty run bck home..XD
but sa po's mom go out liao thn she did have keys
so they decided go to sa po's neighbour house..
at this time, sa po father bck liao..
so me n hong ng quickly run bck home..XD
scare scold by her father...~.~''
today night i want go to qing qi's house eat dinner
after that go to desa park city ...
want play games le bb^^


米修,米修!!!(miss you miss you!!!)
just now 11:00p.m finish 21th "the last stop"
since 12/6 until today me n my crazy sis finish all
in front of a computer....
she can 24hrs non-stop seeing the movie
OH MY GOD!!want to play games also cant
this a best lover movie i seen before
my sister cry until wet liao 7-9 tisu ~.~
this is movie i use liao fastest time to see finish it
in the movie the baby(小乐/小小彬)very cute^.^
i like him very much !!!
long time no have write liao couse very lazy.....~.~
but i saw the blogger update liao design..
so i also update lo....
this friday the jusco trip hope can very happy ba!!! ~~