Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WHAT A SAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today morning after breakfast
we go to qing qi's house to take camera
after taking we go to shopping lo...
we go to buy some things n give my father's friend
after that we go to a shopping centre call "THE MINES"
we go in n find a carpark there are a lot of  ppl
after park a car..we go in the centre..
i no have mood to shop 1stly but later ok liao
we take liao many photo n have a fun shooping trip
night after having dinner my mom call us to go jusco
but i very tired liao want go bck pei sa po(i say gt onMSN)
but afternoon no have eletrik come
so i slp liao many time
finally i go pei my mom go to jusco
when we bck i saw my old skul friend
9:30 i go bck home liao so open com n find sa po
i uploading my new profile pic n chating with sa po
this time sa po say with me a secret(really secret, cant say)
i feel very angry n want kill the person...
i also help sa po feel stupid why dont say with some1 else
who is care for u like dad n big sis ...
haiz....................sa po ar u so stupid..
if nt i ask u , i think u keep until u die lo...
really sad lah ....nvm the person will die until very !@#$de...
~new profile pic^^~
~10 years before de me^^~

Sunday, August 22, 2010


tuesday start exam le, but me revision a bit only...
my mom always scold me go to study lah... x100
sien dao .....after study liao go to play WII
this time my dad or mom will come bck...~.~
everytime also like this...just start to play only
then they look at me n shout(go to study!!!)
still gt how long want exam liao har!!!
still playing ar...haiz....
today 2:30 go to my dad's office
go there print my GG projek n binding
after that my sis bring his friend(xue ren) go to office
today also my grandfa's birthday ..
so we decide tonight go out to eat
but i still dont no go where to eat...