Friday, December 30, 2011

We Are Going To Die Soon.. XD

choi choi choi!! =P
last day liao lo..
but still can rmb last year de countdown..
last year got a lot of ppl play together,
dont no this year will be the same?

later noon sis's friends will come and see movie..
then night go DPC and for my dinner still haven plan yet.. =_=''
hope next year will be a best year for my high school life.. =D
next year i must :

2. TALL 10CM... XD

3. FAT A BIT.. (hehe)

4. 不被感情影响


9 more hours, lets us wait beh.. ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vietnam... =D

24th did't sleep..
we want go vietnam by 6am de plane..
then i play com till1am, then keng jor 1 hour de phone..
when 2am, the van arrived at our house, we quickly pack all things,
and ready to leave my sweet home..
the van fetch my dad's friend and his family...
so we have 2 family going to vietnam..

4am+ reach airport and i still very "powerful" XD
bring all our bags and then have our breakfast at old town..
i use my MCdonald coupon to change a breakfast.. ^_^
but they say want to buy 1 more things, if not cant change.. =_=''
then we cincai buy a things then go back old town..
be4 i go up the airplane, i sms jia yi, coz no time to call u liao.. ^_^"
did't think dou u so "pro" ar!! hahahaXD
we chat jor xia then i go up jor... =(

i sit most side of the seat, so that i can see the landscape..
after the place fly, i start sleeping..
but the pressure of the atmosphere make me cant sleep easily =_=''
i think i only sleep 1 and a half hour only..
then we reach vietnam..
the vietnam weather that we check with web say that between 8~22*c
but we dont think so..
after the plane landing, i go to airport for check in..
i quickly wear my big jacket.. woooo~

we reach airport but no ppl come to bring us..
my dad started show his "power"
call the guide and ask about it..
then another man come out at this moment..
he say "are your all 9 person?" "tour name is this?"
then we just say yes, then we ask him, what name are u?
he say in chinese la "MR.Chuong" then we ask,
why we just noe call u that u say u still sleeping?
he say let me check the phone number given..
then the phone number not belongs to him =_=''

after that, we did't eat and start our trip...
we go a lot place la... lazy to say =_=''
see pic la =D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the time for PMR result... OMG@@

morning 9 wake up liao..
then cant sleep jor.. @@
9.45 i call wei guang, he say he cant wait me..
after he get result then straight go work...
then i call hong ng lo, he also just wake up..
then say later come my house then only tgt go take..
10.15, i call mai yong en, then he say he come now..
when i go out, i saw yong en ,nixon, sze meng and sam..
then tgt chat with them and dont wait hong ng liao, hahaXD

5 more minutes reach school, but haven reach the time to take the result yet..
then we wait lo..
10.30, others classes adi start taking the result...
but our class teacher dont have teacher on duty!!!OMG..
10 more minutes, teacher take a file of 3Cs PMR result..
then nixon is the 1st 1 to take result..
i go and see his result, but teacher say he haven return the book to library..

then i cant wait lar, there are so many ppl in our class haven take their result..
then i go library with yong en..
we go see pn.hamidah..
when i want to say "hello" to teacher, my phone rang IN THE LIBRARY!!!
OMG@@ yu dao bao...

after 10minutes, i cant wait liao...=_=''
i go down and decided to take MY!!! result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i go down, i saw jia yi and her sis..
then play xia her and go into the hall le..
3C de lane still long..=_=''
but yew zane scare of seeing her result..
then she let me go front of her..

when i get my result, i sit down and teacher call me to sign...
but i told teacher...
"cikgu, boleh tak tak mahu bagi saya tengok dulu?"
"kasi terbalik"
teacher search and see my result..
and then smile a while and give my result to me with "terbalik" form..
i take my result and forget to shake hand with teacher..
hehe ^_^"
after that, all friends ask me "hows your results?"
i quickly run to the ladder near library there..
there adi locked, save to open my result.. hahaXD

i use play card to tactic to open, hahaha..
then i saw 2A 1st, then open all.. not straight As.. =_=''
but also got 5A3B lar, not bad..
get my target jor...
and then go lie to my friend say i get 3A or 4A only..

after that i saw hong ng came..
then i accompany him to get..
i call him to use that tactic too..
he more geng, go out and put the result on the table..
and then shout "Ace!!Ace!!" like play blackjack jiang hahahaXD
then we all also together shout with him..
his result is 1B3C3D1E..
okok la..hahaXD

then i go eat with them..
when pass though jia yi's house, stupid hong ng shout dou loud loud..
deng.. nth play liao de i think, but u still let me xia dao jor..
hahahaXD so wan hao, learn u de, noe jor dont angry ar!! =P

after mamak, i want go back de, but they say go cc play xia..
then i go 1 hour lo, but play xia play xia, play jor 2 hours..=_=''
sis call me back liao, then call mai hong ng come my house..
i lie to all my family member say i only get 4As..
then sis see my result, then say me..
1A also want play =3=
hahaha i keep laughing..

after that i go cycle with hong ng and chat a lot with him...
then 7pm i only go back home..
while waiting mom come back, i go bath sin..
mom back le, then she go see my result and say..
"Eh, not 5A meh, then i keep laughing.. =P
then i tell how i open my result to mom, they all laugh, haha..

when my dad back then he play with me,
say why did't reply my message?
hahaha, i keep laughing..
coz i though when my dad sms me, my mom also there..
so i reply my message with "go ask mom la"
then he angry liao, hahaha...
my dad so cute.. ^_^

today so happy..
my result not bad, my girl back to normal a bit liao..
i go do the things all i like..
CC, cycle, playground, keng gai..<3
everday can pass like this so good.. =D


morning mom call me help she buy somethings..
then go 中国风 buy things..
we buy some CNY de things.. 
then i found these...

we make our dang yuan...
this year i do less only.. 
coz seeing movie when do it..XD

so nice..haha.. =)
then i nth to do..
open back my 收藏品..
guess is what?
haha,that is my mom give me de..
see those things, so nice..

nice boh? earlier de match..
so damn nice.. still can use de leh..
then play tetris til 2.30..
since u lose your competition, my phone 1 day only use 2sen jek..
open fb find u, u say want play tetris..
1 week liao lo..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bro's birthday.. =D

17/12 is saturday..
after we have breakfast, then go cut my fei ji head liao =(
cut liao 1 guai zai hair...hahahaXD
aiyar cincai lar..

night 8pm, bro, sis, pearly and me prepare going for bro's birthday
party with his friends..
we go 1U sing K.. wow!!
bro adi booked a 30 ppl de room..
the cost also quite "cheap" la.. 1600+ gua..

reach there, we go down de buffet and eat..
we take a lot of food and there got SUSHI!!!
we take all de food they have given..XD
then we ate at our room..
after ate, the party start..

1st i diam diam jek..
sis call me do waiter..=_=''
see who dont have drinks ar, take photo for them..blablabla..
when 11.10pm, the waiter(not me la)  bring the birthday cake in..
after they sing the song, and then bro wish..
then they say STOP!!
his secondary school friends push the candle into the cake..
left a little part of it at outside..
they call my bro use teeth to take the candle out..
when my bro take it, they push my bro's head down and stick to the cake..

then they start playing the birthday cake..
but nvm la, just play it...

when 12:30am, i drink le not less de tiger..
then i start to sing..
i take the mic, then sing the 情歌王....
sing dou so shuang <3 hehe..
i super long time did't take the sing like this liao @@

when 2.30am we only go back..
bro need to fetch his friend back and 1 of his friend come
my house over night...
he still take my bed bed!!
then i sleep sis there lo, but........but!!!!!!!!
pearly also want overnight at sis room..
yiiiiiiiiii, no bed sleep jor..
i take the sofa de "tilam" and put on the floor..
then put 1 more sleeping beg on the tilam..
after bath then i sleep liao.. so so so so so tired.. @@

18/12 Sunday
we  wake up at 1+ then we go out eat..
then i very very blur..
forget to pack for breakfast for my dad..walao!! =_=''
then quickly go pack again.. hehe ^_^ "

when we back, the time almost 3pm..
then i started help mom for tonight steamboat party..
tonight is cousin they come to clelebrate my bro 21st birthday de..
my house can singK also de.. XD

when 7.30, i go bath1st..
then come down they adi started to eat..
they eat until 9pm..
then i open the sing K system for them...
then my cousin want play dota with me..
we 2 guai lan de go up and play dota..hahaXD

at 11.30, cousin go back le..
then i go down to see they play dou how le..
they adi drunk 3 bottle of wine and then drinking the hanessy..
they play until 1am like that..
then some of them adi mabok and vomit outside.. =_=''
all sing and play til very high.. hahaXD

Thursday, December 15, 2011

No Need Work lu.... =D

since yesterday start, my life back to normal..XD
no more mangkalai's life.. =(

yesterday whole day at home do add math with sis...
she very excited i learn add math, chem, phys and bio.. =_=''
she keep teaching me..haha..
and now i very understand adi...

just finish my add math tuition..
I so pro at add math ^_^
teacher no need teach me, just check my answer jek..
THX SIS!!! love u so muackzzzzzzz
see jor dont pai seh hahahaXD

long time did't blog le, so miss my blog blog..
wuuuuuu ~ ~

just now play tetris and up rank to "expert" adi..
muahahaha XD
now want quickly play DOTA 1st..
tmr no time play jor =(
sis say high school life is the most enjoy part in our life..
but it look so busy... OMG@@

next year i must get good result!!!
yo!! =D

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Desa park city..

7 reach there, and then call andrew..
he say he come bring me, but i walk xia walk xia reach liao..
then andrew keep finding me, hahaXD

when i sit, then wait mai siew hwa n zane, then we start order things eat..
we ong time did't meet le, keng a lot..
the feel so shuang!! love it...
we sleep on the grass and see the sky, keep keng gai..
very long time did't feel this le..

when 9pm , we book few bicycle to play at the park..
hahaha, they cant win me..
aiyar~ i always cycle de, how they can win me jek..
we book for half hour, then when 9.30..
we cycle back the shop to return it back..

after that, we go 32F to eat ice..
wow, i call a mini milk ice add some chocolate..
not bad, coz i love milk, hahaXD
when 10pm, huang n kah wai go back le..
left me, jer win and zane..
then we also call our "transport"..
while waiting, we also chat a lot..
is a nice dinner in these few week.. =)

rmb huang n mine birthday o.. ^_^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deepavali Holidays =_=''

i really forget got holidays adi..
wake up like normal then wash face n brush teeth...
be4 bath, i sms wei guang, when go to his home..
he call me, then i pick up the call..
"mingzai ar....holidays 1 week leh.."
"har??!!hahaha really ar?"
"en na, deepavali ma...."
"oooo,hahahaha okok, really forget adi,totally clear ar"
"ok lar..."

then i gonna mat.. >.<''
my 老人痴呆really become pro adi.. =_=''
then now i also dont no want to do what..
ytd still sleep early, haha..
though today got school..
really damn the bloodly hell..
but adi took my mom money for this week..
hahaha, can go cc lu.. ^_^

Thursday, October 20, 2011


今天如往常,7.45 才到学校。。^_^
然后班长“假强“ 那边。。上错巴士。。=_=''










我们还看到"teoh cau hai" "sohai teoh" "kah wai❤top1"



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Life after PMR..

everday i boring~ tete tete tetered..
haha..sien lar...

monday i go late what, then go play card with andrew, sze meng and ivan..
at the pondok of the teacher's carpark there..
scare teacher will saw lo, but did't choi it..
keep playing..
then go recess, be4 that, i want drink water..
but my beg is in the PA room..
then i go in, they follow also..
once sze meng saw this things..he laughing non-stop..
like mat liao.. haha..

i also dont no where that things come from..
long time did't go in PA room le..
then he open the shirt, the body there drawing "o0o"
hahahaXD all ppl also laugh dou mat liao..

then after recess got a model programe..
3A,B,C,D also want take part..
but pn.hamidah call me n wei guang jaga the library..
so we just go in see a while only..

i saw zane, look kawayi.. hahaXD

then we also nth to do at library..
i check the com inside the library..
saw got line leh..
then i open fb n youtube..
i open "sexy and i know it" to wei guang see..
we 2 so zai saw dou ki siao liao.. XD

at the moment, the principle came in.. WTF!!!
wei guang use his body to block the com..
luckly she did't saw i opening youtube..
haha, then i also shock and late close the website..

go back home.. i help my mom cook the shirmp..
they look so taste... hahaha..

use a lot of butter cook de.. so damn nice.. hahaXD

Menara KL..

yesterday forget today are going to Menara KL..
still say with her go library find me.. >.<''
really sot sot liao.. :S

wei guang yesterday say today morning cant late ar,
coz need go lawatan..
but when i call him..=_=''
he haven done yet, the time adi 7.10am le..
finally we late again..yeah!! =_=''
this time 7.35am reach school..
better than monday, 8.30am only go.. hahaha XD

when reach school very "guai su" go in the PA room..
then the teacher say 8am only go.. =_=''
then i say same things with wei guang at the same time..
then wait for half hours only go..
i sit with andrew on the bus, and beside the gang..
the gang chit-chating, but after a while only..
me n andrew adi slept jor.. Zzz...Zzz...
sleep le half hours i think..
then only wake up, coz the gang is taking photo of us..=_=''

after that we saw it..

reach there nth to play de, always want 排队..
sien dao si.... then go see how the Menara KL is built lo..
bla bla bla..
then i start my favourite part.. hehe^_^
take some guai lan de pic.. =P
the teacher call us 排队in 2 roll..
then i take down the pic, like showing peace..^^

we going up to the upside of the menara KL..

the landscape is so nice..

then we use the telescope to see the ppl that swiming in the pool..
hahahaXD sot sot de..
after that we go bukit nanas de forest..
all did't listen what the ppl saying what in front..
all keeping aiming the mosquite to kill them.. =_=''
really got a lot, but luckly i did't "tiong" by them.. hehe^^
then we jump and jump on this bridge..
some girls are scare..hahahaXD

when finish, there got 2 parrots there..

the white colour 1, keep shaking.. damn cute.. ^_^
then we buy a lot of snacks..
eat the snacks and keng ham ye on the bus.. hahahaXD
the bus pass by me and zane the primary school..
SJK(C) Khai Chee...<3

then nth to when go back school..
outside library wait u, though u inside..
then u at down there.. =_=''
then nth say again.. arrrrrrr.. >.<''
saw that pin cong again..
haha, dont no why i smiled suddenly..
he is so..."cute".. hahahaXD
then go back home sleep lo.. =P

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PMR i will miss u!! XD

oh!!!my suck pmr is totally over..
just now go midvalley with guan huang, andrew, jun hong, eugune, wing jet and kelven..
play snooker and bowling..haha
damn shuang.. hehe^^
then accidently my leg kena the tiang..
then pain dou me sot.. =_=''

6pm reach maluri then meet my relative..
then he fetch us back, no need walk, so good ^^
then later want go temple.. =(
cant go moe de cafe with friends le.. sad..
hope after temple can go moe de lar.. ^^

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow, damn high!!!

haha, just now go restaurant..
then drink a lot of wine and damn high now...
just now is my 1st time use mic sing leh..
sing the 恋爱ing..
then straight drink a cup of wine with cousin..
then start feel mabok liao..

all ppl worry about me, ask me ok ma?
then i got a bit mabok only, wont until vomit that type lar..
happy that u still sms with me.. ^^
today totally stressless ar...!!
tmr start need focus le.. ^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

6A above!! gogogo

left 1 more weeks PMR lo!!
she say if i get 6A and above in my PMR result..
she will give me the things i want wor..
hehe^^ but i dont no i want what..
just get dou sin think lar...

then start from now want serios a bit lo..
haha XD
i want see u can give me what...
waiting.. ^^

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Small Test...

today test GG,SJ,KH,SN...
all also ok lar, SJ noe result adi...
41/58.. okok lar..
hope PMR can get A lo.. =(

when exam KH, the teacher did't see me at back there..
then i start playing, haha..
take zi lian zhao.. hahaXD

after school, meet chee wei 1st, then she say cant find jia yi...
i think she is just kidding, then dont choi her lo...
when go koperasi, no half ppl at there only..=_=''
then i go chat with friends 1st..
after a while saw back koperasi, wtf!! close adi..
walau eh.. then speechless liao lo..
put me aeroplane lar.. yan lei..>.<
then got tuition back 1st..

back home saw the cholate melt adi.. haizz
then put at refrigerator 1st..
it is waiting for u,  just like me..
but nows a day, got a feel guai guai de..
haizz, dont no how to say..
all things wait until after PMR 1st lar.. =)

14days more.. ^^

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i got so scary meh?=_=''

yesterday go to grandpa's house, coz grandpa was celebrating birthday..
our house sponser 茶叶蛋,豆腐..
after eating, all rest for a while see movie and chatting..
then my cousin and i do the same things.. SMS,yeah!!
after half hour, the banana secret recipe cake is waiting for us..
sing birthday song~ take pic lar..
then eat..

9pm reach home..
then continue sms with u, and study until 11:30..
damn guai zai, luckly got u accompany me, if not i cant do dou so long time..
thx... muackzz

when 12am only noe tmr got exam!! wtf!! =_=''
then dont care adi, put air(放弃)...

morning wake up then sot sot liao..
go do some exercise be4 go bath.. hahaXD
go there then start exam..
BM 1st, the stomach pain like a bloody hell..
fucker lar, no mood do the paper, just keep slping..

then sms with u lo..
10:15 only wake up, at skul damn cold, sleeping say warm =_=''
sms until the stomach not pain le..
then BI novel all i noe de.. very fast gao tim liao..
but cant sms with u, teacher sit beside me.. =_=''
then u say u come skul le.. cant sms liao.. >.<

when walking back, saw u at there like waiting for who..
but suddenly saw me then run like a rat..
i am the cat meh? scare me will hug u at there meh, sot sot de!!
then go back to toilet..

after that stay for 5 minutes waiting the ppl go out the walk way there..
then walk back with andrew,but he back with bus de..
then need walk back myself.. =_=''
that time did't slif up, dont no why not hot wor.. ^^

want do very bored de things adi...
Haizzzz... 15 days more.. gogo power ranger!! =)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Unifi!!

after PMR my life is just like a god..
haha, play com games til sot, then go anywhere i like...
PMR faster pass lar, but scare result.. =(

just tell all the things to andrew, feel better now...
not like the stupid, dont no tell others de..
always keep in her heart..
say dou u... i also lazy say, all the choice is in your hand..
hope u can solve the problem correctly..

PMR is just coming...
18 days more..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Blog be4 PMR

yup, last blog le, need focus le...
but now only say dont no will late a bit or not =_=''
but nvm... =)

yesterday sis back from friend's house then haven eat lunch..
say want call MC delivery...
then i suddenly got mood to cook..
then want try the megee goreng..
wah, after soften the mee, then start to goreng my mees... XD
after put 2 eggs into 2 packs of mees..
then can ate adi..

i try 1st, then wow!!
not bad leh.!!!!! hahaXD
then i am into crazy mode, let my grandma try...
grandma also say "not bad ar, how to cook, teach me!!"
wah, then mood damn good liao lo...
then go up let my bro try also..
haha, her face like... erm....
monkey get the banana!! XDD
next time cook for my dad and mom, let them try, hahaXD

then today 10am they came..
for the tank of water, coz old break adi..
then they start do the tank...
they say want do until 4 or 5pm de ...
so if want bath quickly go...
12:30 i got tuition, 3 hours
when i back they still doing.. zzz

then the water haven reach yet, until now... =_=''
they just leave until 12am.. walau eh..
my bro and sis waiting for bath, luckly i early bath adi... hehe
today start sure dont want play le, but maybe long time will check fb..
want go out supper lo, tata~~

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


yesterday count down, but this year merdeka quiet silent leh.. =(
then morning dad say go "pa sheng" eat "ba kut teh".. XD
think though also hungry jor.. =P

use half hour go thr then we eat a lot!!!
my family got 7 ppl, but we call 10 ppl eat de..
our family damn pro... eat finish all the food n rice(9 plate)
then go to dad's office...
totaly no mood to study...
then play ddt.. ^^
those dog at my dad's office damn cute, always follow my mom..
coz my mom cook the food for them, then everytime mom come they also will folow de..
see pic..

when 4pm, go to eat agn..
this time eat yong dao fu...
also call a lot, 2 bowl soup, 2 plate of fried de...
after that back home..

hope night can study X.X''