Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wow, damn high!!!

haha, just now go restaurant..
then drink a lot of wine and damn high now...
just now is my 1st time use mic sing leh..
sing the 恋爱ing..
then straight drink a cup of wine with cousin..
then start feel mabok liao..

all ppl worry about me, ask me ok ma?
then i got a bit mabok only, wont until vomit that type lar..
happy that u still sms with me.. ^^
today totally stressless ar...!!
tmr start need focus le.. ^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

6A above!! gogogo

left 1 more weeks PMR lo!!
she say if i get 6A and above in my PMR result..
she will give me the things i want wor..
hehe^^ but i dont no i want what..
just get dou sin think lar...

then start from now want serios a bit lo..
haha XD
i want see u can give me what...
waiting.. ^^

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Small Test...

today test GG,SJ,KH,SN...
all also ok lar, SJ noe result adi...
41/58.. okok lar..
hope PMR can get A lo.. =(

when exam KH, the teacher did't see me at back there..
then i start playing, haha..
take zi lian zhao.. hahaXD

after school, meet chee wei 1st, then she say cant find jia yi...
i think she is just kidding, then dont choi her lo...
when go koperasi, no half ppl at there only..=_=''
then i go chat with friends 1st..
after a while saw back koperasi, wtf!! close adi..
walau eh.. then speechless liao lo..
put me aeroplane lar.. yan lei..>.<
then got tuition back 1st..

back home saw the cholate melt adi.. haizz
then put at refrigerator 1st..
it is waiting for u,  just like me..
but nows a day, got a feel guai guai de..
haizz, dont no how to say..
all things wait until after PMR 1st lar.. =)

14days more.. ^^

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i got so scary meh?=_=''

yesterday go to grandpa's house, coz grandpa was celebrating birthday..
our house sponser 茶叶蛋,豆腐..
after eating, all rest for a while see movie and chatting..
then my cousin and i do the same things.. SMS,yeah!!
after half hour, the banana secret recipe cake is waiting for us..
sing birthday song~ take pic lar..
then eat..

9pm reach home..
then continue sms with u, and study until 11:30..
damn guai zai, luckly got u accompany me, if not i cant do dou so long time..
thx... muackzz

when 12am only noe tmr got exam!! wtf!! =_=''
then dont care adi, put air(放弃)...

morning wake up then sot sot liao..
go do some exercise be4 go bath.. hahaXD
go there then start exam..
BM 1st, the stomach pain like a bloody hell..
fucker lar, no mood do the paper, just keep slping..

then sms with u lo..
10:15 only wake up, at skul damn cold, sleeping say warm =_=''
sms until the stomach not pain le..
then BI novel all i noe de.. very fast gao tim liao..
but cant sms with u, teacher sit beside me.. =_=''
then u say u come skul le.. cant sms liao.. >.<

when walking back, saw u at there like waiting for who..
but suddenly saw me then run like a rat..
i am the cat meh? scare me will hug u at there meh, sot sot de!!
then go back to toilet..

after that stay for 5 minutes waiting the ppl go out the walk way there..
then walk back with andrew,but he back with bus de..
then need walk back myself.. =_=''
that time did't slif up, dont no why not hot wor.. ^^

want do very bored de things adi...
Haizzzz... 15 days more.. gogo power ranger!! =)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Unifi!!

after PMR my life is just like a god..
haha, play com games til sot, then go anywhere i like...
PMR faster pass lar, but scare result.. =(

just tell all the things to andrew, feel better now...
not like the stupid, dont no tell others de..
always keep in her heart..
say dou u... i also lazy say, all the choice is in your hand..
hope u can solve the problem correctly..

PMR is just coming...
18 days more..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Blog be4 PMR

yup, last blog le, need focus le...
but now only say dont no will late a bit or not =_=''
but nvm... =)

yesterday sis back from friend's house then haven eat lunch..
say want call MC delivery...
then i suddenly got mood to cook..
then want try the megee goreng..
wah, after soften the mee, then start to goreng my mees... XD
after put 2 eggs into 2 packs of mees..
then can ate adi..

i try 1st, then wow!!
not bad leh.!!!!! hahaXD
then i am into crazy mode, let my grandma try...
grandma also say "not bad ar, how to cook, teach me!!"
wah, then mood damn good liao lo...
then go up let my bro try also..
haha, her face like... erm....
monkey get the banana!! XDD
next time cook for my dad and mom, let them try, hahaXD

then today 10am they came..
for the tank of water, coz old break adi..
then they start do the tank...
they say want do until 4 or 5pm de ...
so if want bath quickly go...
12:30 i got tuition, 3 hours
when i back they still doing.. zzz

then the water haven reach yet, until now... =_=''
they just leave until 12am.. walau eh..
my bro and sis waiting for bath, luckly i early bath adi... hehe
today start sure dont want play le, but maybe long time will check fb..
want go out supper lo, tata~~