Friday, December 14, 2012

Bye~ Malaysia~

few more hours left i am going to Taiwan~
but still want to blog~ see i so love u, blog~ <3 p="p">now i like to share pic more~
becoz my "google translate" very boring~ ^^"

1st and 2nd week life of dec..
 after tuition, we train and play with Xiao Bai~ =)
after a while rain adi.. :/

Swimming day~
no lar, morning we going to dpc then straight go swimming..
before we go DPC, we go sam's house and play with riki~
I didn't swim, cause didn't prepare extra clothes.. =(
our strategy~ XD
I saw a beetle but it is so dirty~
i commented that "Wash Your Car Pls"..XD
Just now after Bio tuition, we go home town~
See his plate, wahhhhhh~ hahahaXD
and the face~ (Like A Boss)

Taiwan, here i come~ =D

Saturday, December 8, 2012








好无聊哦~ =(

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bye November~

so fast december adi lu~
i haven start my revision form 4 after i get the wrost result..
but many people went to my house play..
every week different gang~
but the crazy member are maintain.. XD

they play WII, lami (one kind of mah jong), mah jong and sing K..
they can enjoy because my mom in vietnam and my sis at genting that time~
but now can't everyday come adi lu~
sorry hui ying~ =D
see this and laugh loudly~ muahahaha
ya~ i know what u thinking, they are mat~!!

deng deng deng deng~
my dai ga jie learn bicycle adi~
the process of learning..
teacher ~ Wei guang 

jeat yinn still learning lar~
still lose me a bit.. =P

Here is a joke~
i was chatting with a friend, then after i said hi, i lost my patient and go play dota..
after that i paste the copied link for her, the result was totally wrong~ XDD

Swimming time~
beside us, sze meng and kah wai join us~
do a lot of crazy things during that time~
ok~ 18SX now~
小弟弟&小妹妹们~ close your eyes lo wei~
my dec coming soon~
hwaiting~!! =D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy weeks again~ =D

Many things happen during this two weeks~
Fiends birthday dinner (wan ling, kheng yik and wee chun birthday)
Mom going to Vietnam and sis going to getting by tmr..
Lonely~ I am so lonely~ I am mr lonely~ :'(
But bought a lot of things when shopping!! Hehehe ^_^v

We went to tesco for lunch and movie
And again we forget KP(jer win) hahaha..
Sorry boss!!=_="
We eat subway and we see breaking dawn part2..
The movie is awesome~~
After we finish our tea time then we go hometown book place for dinner~
Have a nice dinner with them~
We go umami after dinner..
We play a lot of games..
Of cause, a lot of punishment also..XD
Lastly, happy birthday ya ;)

Follow my dad to his office at shah Alam..
Last year de puppy born puppy adi!!
They were damn cute, like to fight and play with each other~

After that we go to tesco..
To exchange the money and shopping~
Sis and mom just excited to clear the food on there just because tmr are going to trip..
We just spend rm200+ inside there..
After that we went to third floor..
Accidently saw a shoes shop..
Then we stuck at the shop about 45 minutes..
Finally we bought 6 shoes..
Dae bakkkkk!!!
i started like shopping adi~ muahahahaha~ XD
I choose this shoes with 70% discount, rm48 only!!
And this is last week buy for jogging one, nike wor~
fore sure expensive a bit lar~ RM280+
finally i have a running shoes..
and birthday girl~
i bought a present for u neh~
i want 包礼物纸, but fail jor~
long time didn't go baik pulih adi~ hahaXD
Sexy back of the birthday girl~XDD

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Badminton Competition~

1st runner-up goes to Yap Keat Ming & Loh Hui Ying..
this is really good for u adi, dont feel sad or whatever negative things ya~ ;)
actually this competition start from monday..
but monday we almost wait 5 hours but only play 1 match 30-11 then go back adi..

then today start the quartner final then semi final follow by final~
i though i will lose at semi, but i heard some sentences and so angry..
sapu 99~ byeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
balik rumah belajar moral dulu baru main bola la jinet~XP
got 2 negeri team the player also participate this competition~
dont no why, they not been invite but they still come..
finally sapu men single & men double champion..

malurian sapu women double only..
but malurian also have some result~
~women double 1st place
~mixed double 2nd place
~mixed double 3th place
~men double 3th place
~men single 2nd place

finally, kah meng belanja!!!!
we go back maluri have lunch before go back home..
with the driver, ah lam~ XD

6S(2008) gathering & Pei Wen's birthday~

Happy Birthday to Pei Wen & My Lovely Daddy~
11/11/12 <3 p="p">4 years didn't meet with each other already~
everyone look different~
those cute cute face in my memory gone~
all so lengzai and lenglui already~

thanks for those who coming..
have a nice day with u guys~
everyone look so pro already~ hahaha

when everyone was came, we move from coffee bean to steamboat..
but they dont let us sit together, then we go another place to have our lunch
then we go secret recipe to have our cake cake~
we give surprise to the birthday girl..
cause last time i was likey her mar~
then everyone 借题发挥..
"keat ming bring the cake la"
"eh! let him sit beside pei wen la"
"use the same spoon and same plate~"
and a lot more that i heard~

they were so 38, spying us.. =_=''

just two old friend long time didn't saw then chating around only what~
ok, then i let they take..
we almost chat the whole desa park..
after they bought chatime then i go back adi lu..
Have a blast, birthday girl~ =)

dad's birthday dinner 10/11/12

this restaurent placed at selayang~
and it so expensive until i can name it 黑店~
but the seafood was so so so fresh~

you gonna buy there and straight cook for you~
my dad and uncle choose those seafood until RM1100+
beside the picing section, got a "house of wine"
cause my dad say very suitable to have wine when having seafood~
so we buy one~
wine is my faorvite.. yeeeeeee =D

start to eat lar~
cause very hungry then i forgot to take the others, HEHE ^_^'v
this is what my place look like after i ate the crab.. hahahXD

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why your all don't believe me.. ='(


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Last few days before they leave..

Downloaded a lot of form5 friends and senior's pic..
scared i will forget their face.. ='(
Lets be a day of junior~ =')

 My Seniors.. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Pengerusi~ Ng Kheng Fai

Naib Pengerusi~ Ang Jeat Yinn

Naib Pengerusi~ Tan Hui Loon

Setiausaha~ Yoke Mun

Naib Setiausaha~ Ooi Sin Yee

Bendehari~ Eng Poh Yee

Naib Bendehari~ Lim Weng Zhen

Ketua Perpustakaan~ Carmen Lim

Ketua Bilik Media~ Low Han Qing

Ketua Disiplin~ Lee Mun Yin

Penolong Ketua Disiplin~ Loke Jing Wen

Ketua Pusat Akses~ Choo Xian Zhong

Penolong Ketua Pusat Akses~
Wong Tse Yin

AJK Keceriaan~ Michelle Tan

AJK Keceriaan~ Yong Wen Ni

AJK Bahan Bacaan~ Lun Zi Juan

AJK Bahan Bacaan~ Tan Xue Wern

Ketua Buletin~ Cheng Zhao Sheng

And many many more~
miss you guys.. <3 p="p">

Form 4s~

This pic look so nice~ <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">