Saturday, May 26, 2012

7th Malaysia International Ekiden Run, Putrajaya 2012

set alarm at 4.50AM!! wake up straightly..
scare late open gate for andrew..
PS : dont tell anyone that andrew SCARE DARK!!!

our group is the 1st 1 that reach the school..
scare the lan fan ju nixon..
when i wake up straight sms him that if did't reply my message,
then i will call until his Iphone burst..XD
luckly he reply..=P
when the times go by, wan ling, hui ying, nixon, ivan,sze meng reach school too..
6am we get in the bus..

we put wei guang as the first runner in our group..
coz the 1st runner only have to run 2.4km, shortest distence..> <
i am the 2nd, 2.8km..easy job la..XD (just kidding) =_=''
nixon is the 3th 2.8km also..
follow by jun hong, the longest distence, 3.8km..XD
he say he cant run so long cause yesterday drunk,
but we dont choi him..haha

when we reach the PJ,we all very gan zhiong,
cause our group all new guy..
we 1st go to the toilet and then go to the place that we need to go..
i am 524B, i seached point B for so long time..
i though i was lost, luckly i met schoolmate.. phew~
we were sent to the point B by a lot of buses..

I wait for so long time, waiting for that fat guy..> <
i was chatting with kim li, i told her that she sure will run front me..
cause wei guang will late a bit came de..
after i say that, i saw him.. wow~
shocked.. then i go inside the white line and ready for him..
he past the thing to me and i start my way..

I keep jogging until the next point..
i hope i already try my best..
i past the thing to nixon and start resting..
i take the food and water then get in the bus..
the bus take all the finished second runner to the end point of the marathon..
i keep sweating until the seat also wet.. =_=''
sorry about that.. XD

i reach the end point and saw wei guang, wan ling and hui ying..
the explanation of wei guang is stomach pain..
but the parttime toilet is too dirty, then he dont want go..
we all rest in the feild at another side of the end point..
we are waiting for our schoolmate..
when all are finished, our school got 2 group get the metal..
we need under 150 only get the metal, but we get 308..

while waiting, we take pic, play game, chit-chating..
lying on the feild and look the blueness of the sky...
that feild is so shuang!!
my favourite activities..hahahaXD
we play true or there,but dont have true, only there..
we call the person stand on the logo of putrajaya and look at the Malaysia flag,
sing Negarakuuuuuuuuuuuu~ hahahahahaXD
but the guard not allow we do this..
when the girls kena, we call them to take pic to the polis..XD
those polis look like very enjoy..XD

12pm, we collect our things and went back by  the bus we came..
me, andrew, nixon sleep like a pig, i think many ppl also sleeping..
only wei guang, wan ling, hui ying and ivan did't sleep only..
when i sleeping i heard the camera sound,
hope i am not the person that they take pic.. @@
1.30 reach school and they want go to inva..
walaoeh~ damn tired, faster go back and oi oi~ hahaXD
noon~ <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Towards Holiday..

tomorrow is the last paper, chemistry paper2..
this midyear exam i not dare to say good..
just hope all the papers are past.. =)
no mood study for this midyear.. :3
i already can imagine the scene that my mom come to school and saw my report card...><
regret for dont revision..XD

I facing a same problem..
not enough money to use.. =,=''

hope this holiday can past with a happy mood..
and past with my gang..=D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Start training..

7am say Hi to manjalara park..
i ran the park 4 times and walk the park 4 times..
when i finish, i see the time..
8am only.. OMG
cause my mom finish her dance at 9am

during those time, i do pamping, sit-up, and pull up..
do until almost fainted..
my muscle start moving a around..
hope they will faster mitosis..XD

after breakfast, very tired..
but when i see my guitar, tired gone..
i play my guitar and seach for new song..
爱我别走,安静,稻香,marry me..
but these song what so hard.. =(
i want to learn guitar soon..

i think is after midyear exam..
wish my guitar skill will more pro"er"
haha.. =)