Sunday, July 15, 2012


hari koperasi..
i am helping club kewangan..
i fried, cook, sell and many la..
feel so shuang, coz i love cooking.. weeee~
after that, we totally own RM400+ i think..^^
then i ponteng with my friends...XD

MCD run..
6am reach KTM..
luckly this time we didn't late..
at first i run with yong en and xian cherng..
but then xian cherng cant follow us, then we saw sashidaren and lawrence..
we get 100+ i think, coz we stoped and wait for others..
if we didn't maybe can get metal.. ~.~
then we take some pic be4 go to midvalley..

Last Friday Meeting..
only AJK and form 4 PPS need to go library..
we discuss about Bulan PPS..
AJKs decided to choose 5 head from form4 PPS,
Wei guang, Wan Ling, Shu Yong, Gerald and me chosen...
quite happy when i was chosen..
i will try my best to done my work...
after that we took pic..

Just now..
i get two beats headphone..
from my fathers that back from China yesterday..
i choose white and the black is for my cousin..
i get so bad result he also buy for me.. ='(
i sure will get best result in my final..
Love U Dad.. <3