Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Emo day~ =(

Because today is lim be birthday~ then yesterday reply all my friends' wishes until quite late..
morning i am still ok, just a little bit tired, but it's mine birthday so.. hehe ^_^v
i leave my timetable then i agar agar zap my beg beg..
then hor~ Pn.wong keep scolding me.. =_=''
i want to explain but then before this wei guang was joking and said that he took wrongly his sis beg to school.. >< 
if i also explain then like... so fake~
she said " what are u waiting Keat Ming? Still sleeping ar? want me to let u sleep outisde?"
but my eyes was open just lying on the desk..><
feel so unfair!!! ~!@#$%^&*()_+

Bio experiment~
cut the potato into 0.5,1.5 and 3cm cube..
when i was acting pro to remove the skin of it,
i was chating and then suddenly "zak!!"
the  blood coming out like the water that come out from the paip that can't close it tightly~
others face are like 0.0!! keat ming your hand................
then i was like =_='' holy shit..
the knife was so thin and sharp that different from the knife at my house kitchen.. lol

so tired facing the amuta, pattern a lot.. zzz
then go to club kewangan and pengguna at 5A..
2 clubs combine to one, okay lo..
those @#$% teachers still act pro want this want that..
see her face also du lan!!! 
quite surprise i drop from naib to p.setia~
haih, nvm la, no need do so much bah..

"cikgu siti mulia, ini guru penasihat badminton, ikut dia pergi ke galanggan badminton"
she dont no where is the gelanggan at but still want to act pro!!
facing this teacher for twice~
damn it, if i can punch her without any kes or what so ever~
she will die at 10 sec!!
andrew want to be the p.setia but she look at andrew and said "tak, bagi dia AJK shj~"
wah~ play 针对 ar?!! 
then i do lo~ she ask "kamu akan buat kerja?"
"buat sekarang~"
totally stun and ke xin give me the list to take attendents..
wah, didn't saw a teacher so LC be4..

badminton dismiss and i go to library to look around~
i haven step into library but i adi heard those voice~
library was totally transform into market~
damn it, i was so... i was inside library but i did nothing..
i ask wei guang try to control but he said he adi did and its useless..
library was full and 118ppl was inside!!
but just 5 or below PPS are inside the library..
table are full of book, bottles and chess..
i was moody until now and i dont no i emo for what.. =_=''
just can't happy now..
a sad birthday? 
just now i take a test for undang, "72% anda telah gagal!"