Sunday, May 25, 2014

Holy Shit~~ I AM BACK!! XD

what's the previous post? Driving test?? OMG!!
I got license one year already now, hahaha what a joke~
OK~ So.... let's start with the things i did in these dissapeared months

First! I got her and her smile can melt me~ XD

I'm a bit pai seh to share many things about her here.. hehe
but she is everythings~ =)
And we are sweet!! XD
Second~ I am graduated 
Best that can graduate with sozais and a lot lot of friends~
even thought my SPM result not so good~ =P
So what~ Is my life!! X)
Got a farewell dinner with my genaration~
Guess what? I am the boss~ XD
Third~ I involve in World War 3!!
Haha funny ar?? 
I went San Shui Camp, Tawau, Sabah! #NS
Was fun and learnt somethings!
For more information~
We still gathering after came back from camp..
Of course the Old China man not one of us~

Forth? Quad? XD I got a wonderful and amazing trip with besties~ 
The best chapter of my life~ =')

Haha, a bit same with chou lian hua~ 
so damn lifeless and decided to continue practicing my guitar..
erm.. jogging? hahaha really damn bored, do some fitness at room lor~
then....then.... try to relax more be4 my collage start!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! I change my phone also.. ngehehe
Hehe, you're right, i copy this from internet, =P 
Choi ar~ XP (I'm just so bored ='(