Sunday, May 25, 2014

Holy Shit~~ I AM BACK!! XD

what's the previous post? Driving test?? OMG!!
I got license one year already now, hahaha what a joke~
OK~ So.... let's start with the things i did in these dissapeared months

First! I got her and her smile can melt me~ XD

I'm a bit pai seh to share many things about her here.. hehe
but she is everythings~ =)
And we are sweet!! XD
Second~ I am graduated 
Best that can graduate with sozais and a lot lot of friends~
even thought my SPM result not so good~ =P
So what~ Is my life!! X)
Got a farewell dinner with my genaration~
Guess what? I am the boss~ XD
Third~ I involve in World War 3!!
Haha funny ar?? 
I went San Shui Camp, Tawau, Sabah! #NS
Was fun and learnt somethings!
For more information~
We still gathering after came back from camp..
Of course the Old China man not one of us~

Forth? Quad? XD I got a wonderful and amazing trip with besties~ 
The best chapter of my life~ =')

Haha, a bit same with chou lian hua~ 
so damn lifeless and decided to continue practicing my guitar..
erm.. jogging? hahaha really damn bored, do some fitness at room lor~
then....then.... try to relax more be4 my collage start!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Oh! I change my phone also.. ngehehe
Hehe, you're right, i copy this from internet, =P 
Choi ar~ XP (I'm just so bored ='(

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gan Jiong~

First time drive leh, for sure wnat to write xia~
i though the uncle will let me drive start from school, but no.. :3
he took me to the learning centre then only start..
At first the crash, brake, handbrake, gear and the oil was so complicated..
Deng, i keep (sei fo) in the centre..

after that steady a bit only go out..
so gan jiong when go out lor~
I always can't feel the car shaking then sei fo liao..
have to put a bit bit bit bit crash then only add a bit bit bit bit oil..
OMG, ci gek!! but the leg so tired..

I go until batu cave there, and every road seen the same,
cause i only see the road and not the background..
my weakness is  the turning point, that time uncle have to help me tim..
like fighting when the uncle, when turning, my hand dont no put where jor~ XD
tmr 8am still got another class..
uncle said me want fast but always wrong.. :'(

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

是么?o.0? 怕怕咧~
考虑到今年大家都有“任务”在身,就不便打扰了~ XD
加油吧,你能做到的!! =)
突然想你了!! =D

兄弟们,有事就说,我们心照的吗!! XD

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


wah, just see back my post only know that, my chinese was so damn pro at the time that 失恋!! XDD
hahaha, okok, no long no blog liao~ lets see

erm... yesterday? no no, monday just had hari anugerah, top top top student is gan hong sheng, i think i spell wrong adi.. ^^" got few performances and i think the bamboo dance was quite creative~ AND my secret was knew by someone~!! woi someone!! dont "chiong tong gai ar" someone also told me that I will success, wow~ she said"actually u very gentleman de, u will success, gambateh~" that really go in my heart & dont no u just kidding or u are trying to motivate me? XD really thank you~ I am mother f***er gentleman~ ^^v and i still rmb u prepared lunch for me, and i was stunned many years adi.. forgot i got tell thank you or not, i feel a bit sorry about you, and i want to say sorry & thank you again.. god bless u and your ** will sweet non-stop and share more sweet pic to all of us that dont let us worry about u ya~ ;)

and ya~ i think this is a private post but dont no the person that i mention will saw this or not~ I am also sorry to two more girls, ya girl""S"" ==" i am not romantic, i dont no what am I doing when i was together with u guys, i always feel stupid why I didn't do this during that time or saying that during that time~ I am a person that will panic easily, ya honestly~ i just pretending with a steady body and my mind totally malfunction~ ya I am very noob, I dont no how to speak my thinking out, dont no how to present it.. I wish i really can find a girl that know what I am thinking without talking them, I think many ppl also want a person like that~ Come to here adi be a emo post and totally not link to the topic.. ><"

I always think i fail to complete the things that a president needed to.. my language suck, my thinking suck, and my power to control my juniors also SUCK.. i think I can't motivate myself.. I will success when i go  for work? I can handle the things that my dad wanna to gave me? My dream will come true one day? I just know if i didn't start now, everythings will just past like that.. but i am just so lazy and I dont no i should start from where.. haih~ 

Saturday, March 23, 2013


亲情与友情,Walao Eh 超难的啦,
这就是我。。 =_=''

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Form 1 Camp Orientation 2013

Feel so sorry to all of u, the mistake of my duty cause the event down~ =(
in this camp just take little bit pic only, surprise that got a group malay campers wan to take pic with me ^^"
Not bad, i learn somethings in this camp~ =)
Video that our group prepared~ =)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


听说我的blog blog很闷~
我换~!! =D

=_='' 差点 X.X!!
游一个泳,满身伤~ =(

其实我们是庆祝俊宏生日的,还有他的最后一天~ ='(
喂~ ~ 还没死啦!buang而已~
保重咯~ =')