Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Grandfather Birthday..

yesterday my grandfather birthday
so night go to his house with many ppl
1st reach there n call many qing qi
after that go to eat dinner..
i very hungry liao n dont no the food is wt
go bck there after taking a bowl then..
they say no have rice liao!!!OMG
then just standing there see other ppl eat
sit also no have place..
then my cousin come liao..
he also very hungry n see
suddenly he saw a periuk
then he go n open it ...wah!!
gt rice..
he quickly call me go to bowl...XD
the rice not enough only can 2 ppl eat..
after 2 hour they start take the cake come out..
is a cuppecino cake..
then eat liao cake n go home
(very tired gt many wrong word)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Mom Performance

after dinner we go to see my mom performance
at the 甲洞三校 there the playground..
guan huang say he saw me at there..
but i did saw him wor..
after parking liao so long we go in the playground..
the playground gt many ppl...
got many kids playing the candle..
my mom saw us liao n call us to sit in front
so in front loh!!... sit the second row leh..
we sit liao 20 minite n start sien liao..
but mom still gt second time at 10:00 ~.~
so we go to take photo...
my sis n her friend(pearly) go to play with the kids..
go to light the candle that the kids dont want de..
then take photo...
after seeing my mom performance..
my mom n her friends go to eat roti canai...
we also follow..
we sit down n stand up so many time..
the waiter also laugh..
then finally decide to sit inside..
my sis start call "milo 冰"
then her friend say "milo ais lah!!"
then start laugh..the waiter is india de..^^
then we laugh n eat n drink liao many drinks..
my sis start to play the phone funtion..
the smile detection n the frames..
so take liao many phone..
at 11:20 we go back liao..
~start lighting the candle that the kids dont want de..~

~my sis n her friend~
~the playground~
~the frames function see the word..~
~fantastic me XD~
~the smile detection~
~roti tissue~

i am sry i also dont want de......

today morning 8:00 like that...
my mom call my rbo  n sis go to eat breakfast..
n call me wakeup with the bad mood...
i start thinking..(she noe liao??)
then i wake up n listen to her want to say wt..
she say very scare like that "u pak to ar??"
the sound like unbelieve n very scare me will...
then i say "erm.... har??...wt...yes.."she keep asking..
she say all the things lah..wednesday morning duty
go pei chong chiah ar?? then me stun liao....
(this also noe ar)..then i say somethings gt come lo
then she ask evening go playground also go pei chong chiah?
then i say no lah..she cant come out de...
then she say "still studying pak wt to har!!!"
then start come liao "blablabla!!!@#$%"
finally she say "!@#$ $%& $%^& want a teacher to tell me!!"
after scold me liao..the she go scold my sis ...(sry)
she scold"at a same skul why cant see him doing wt...blabla"
that time i think my sis want to kill me liao
then sis reply say"i hear only dont no real or not"(sis so gud)
then my mom say monday if not say clearll u will turn skul
haiz...then i call how 偷偷pak to meh..
so finally i say wif chong chiah at msn liao
sry i also dont want de...let u sad n cry liao...
i am very sry...(chong chiah!!)
i want her do bck my sis lo...
then she say we wait until form 5 wor..
haiz... see 1st bah..(sry.....)

Friday, September 17, 2010

my line come bck liao yeah!!!

morning i after tuition go pei chong chiah
n hui ying at starplus...
after that they say want to go to mamak eat..
i pei them also...
half an hour after we go bck liao...
come bck i open com n facebook..
then start try the line by loading bleach..
then it cant also...~.~ sad
then i play dota lo..n waiting bleach...
at 5:30 the line start work liao...
it slow slow load n see until very shuang..
then 6:00 the line become very fast liao..
fast until straight go no need load...
then chong chiah ask want to go playground or not...
(go playground again meh)..sien
finally i did;t go n haven pay the uncle 50sen^^
n yesterday forget to write ...
yesterday is 1 Malaysia day..same big with 31/8
night dont no still want to revision or not..
my mom start call take a hour to revision n i promise liao~.~
ah!!!!!!!every night want to revision liao ..sad~.~
but tonight my mom go out liao^^
so i can see bleach^^
but tmr noon still want tuition 3 hours..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my line fast fast come bck..

monrning bck from tuition...
then my bro say my sis go to starplus liao..~.~
i forget liao then i call my sis she did listen..
sien lo at house see the com again oo..
if the com got eye n mouth it also say"u again ar!!"
haiz....i want go to do execise leh...
my sis the new phone come liao lo...(hazel)
shuang lo...~.~
tmr gt tuition again but also gt badminton!!!ar!!!
i miss again a badminton with sa po...~.~sad
but tmr will go pei her go to mamak..
today morning after breakfast...
my sis came bck liao with her 3 friend...
carmen heng,pearly n teik man this 3 monkey..
come play WII until so high ...
evening i go to padang wif hong ng
we go there saw walter n many friend...
then hong ng say want go to in phone's money
after in liao...i go to sa po de house coz her mom n dad
go out liao , i go to kacau her^^(so bad)
she stand at her house door there waiting 4 me
when i come she say her bro still at house...~.~
suan lo... then we go long kai...
we saw ah kai(kah yik) n his friend ..
after that we go bck liao...
sad lo this 2 day the line dont no why cant see movie wor...
sien dao me ar.. i still want see a little bit bleach de leh..
line fast fast come back lah...I miss u so much leh..muackzzz
guan lah...XD

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Start Tuition Lo

tomorrow start tuition ..
but now doing his homework..^^
tuition also good lah dont always at home play
just now go to playground see sa po...
see her play with a little just like her daughter..
xia dao...^^
when we want go bck the sky start raining 
but she still want wait petty wor..
the petty always go run , run here n there...
she call me go to jogging with her wor...
then i ask lo why u want jogging , 
she say wt ..haha
she say out skul the green team(jentayu)
lose liao at this sport day.. so she want to run n win bck!!
za dao gou gou li....~.~
after that she came liao..
then we together go bck house...
today start if can want everyday type blog liao....^^
dont be lazy YAP KEAT MING!!!gambateh!!:P
final exam still want get my phone!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

want open skul le , pa pa..~.~

today is second week the holiday le..
sad..~.~ so fast wan to open skul le..
got gud got bad lah..^^
in this 2 week holiday always play com ..
n some night go to play badminton wif bro's friend
my father want buy a phone to my sis ..
but i dont have(really sad) my dad say
the final exam take a good result then i buy for u..
wah!? the 压力 suddenly come liao..~.~
my sis buy liao new phone(Hazel)...
shuang lo..but i want Yari also cant ..~.~
so long did type blog liao dont no write wt liao..
later wei guang , hong ng n yong en come my house
then morning my sis's friend(Pearly) come our house liao
then now my house got a piano service man...
so very noisy..then they come my sis's friend come
walauA!! sad lo want see movie also cant the internet
suddenly lag n putus stupid!!
later my bro want go out to collage liao
so no ppl want to fight com wif me liao ^^
the important is i cut hair liao...
cut dao so kek shui ...haiz...