Friday, April 23, 2010

23/4/10 ~the bee so big!!~

today morning got badminton so 8:30a.m
wake up liao , when i go down i hear 2 dog's
barking but the bark is so ..............
i go out and see, i saw xin ren n can wai
pass by my house .......
9:30 i go to starplus and fight with andrew n ah kit
3 round then 10:45 we go bck liao
after bath n eat i walk to skul at 12:10p.m
i go there very sien n think today is the last day
of orentasi so i go give signature
who come take with me , I also give de^^
i saw wei guang come liao then i go find him
suddenly got 1 big big bee dont no why sot liao
straight fly n stick at my back wei guang see liao
scream n walk away to me
of cause me also scare so i quickly sweep away
the bee n call wei guang to see my bck
Luckly the bee no have (tiong) me if not i see me
die liao lo...
after that i go to meeting n saw wei nian
after meeting we call wei nian to give us free drink.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

18/4/10 ~ice island's fire mountains~

today is sunday, last sunday also go to new office
today go to office 2 today got line liao can play game
i go there n open facebook n play games
after that i n my sister very sien so we pei
grandmother to see the new office then we see
1 big dogs n 3 small dags me n my sister go to play'
the small white dog ..
1st time the small dog follow us after that it boring adi
n dont want follow so we take the biscuit to let them eat
finally the white come out liao n i take it go to bath
the dog want escape from my sister n me but
we lock the door of toilet n bath it
the dog was very cold until it shiver
so we quickly make is dry n take it go out
after that i saw the newspaper say the ice island the
fire mountain got smoke so many ppl cant get in aeroplane
so the share(go check kamus) lost liao 23milian
if the fire mountain really come out
whole world will get in like 2012 somethings
so people this day want to do what things
brave a bit to do if not..........................
newspaper write the not me go to see ba(xin zou)


11/4/10 ~father's new office~

today is sunday so we follow father to the office
after breakfast n 30 minites cause my father
new office at shah alam.....
1st we go to pick plants to plant at new office
there got many mosquito n so hot..
we pick liao many plants n go office liao...
we go to the new office liao then start planting
1st I put the water into the hard soil then the soil
become more stickly hard to lossen
then my father help to loss it
after that we start plant it our peluh
like bath after that the whole shirt was wet
my father just stand at there n see us do=(
then i got tuition de but  my mom see me
so tired so cancel it adi=P..

                    ~the zhu long chao~
                        ~the soil n fats~
        ~we have a lorry we put the plants~
            ~we buy the plants~
             ~my qing qi(left) n the boss(right)~
                              ~see its skin~
                              ~so beautiful~
                  ~still have bee inside~
                   ~the tree so tall~
                       ~see my father=)~
              ~my mom watering the plants~
                     ~got plants liao=)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

8/4/10 ~Thrusday~

today the class very boring ....
so i bring my word paper go to draw table^.^
draw liao so nice...(自恋) ^.^
this day wen li always see beside me cause
very sien want talk to me , bing jiun n yew zane...
the BM teacher sot7 ppl talking also scold us...
when recess, bing jiun want me to pei him cause want to kao lui^.^
i pei him walk until kantin but he also noob de...
scare to qian shou ..
after buy things he go to kao lui liao...
when we boring at the class tangga came our class
he catch liao petty n yew zane cause the hair no pin..
1st is give a rotan only, but tangga see petty the fingernail
very long so call them follow him...(haha)
when the last school bell rang, we all go out quickly..
bing jiun go to kao lui lo ....
when at the school gate, i saw bing jiun ..
he say he 牵了yvonne the hand...
then we go home liao..........

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7/4/10 ~the 1st exam~

sry for so long no have write,
cause exam n no have open com.
i exam since 30/3 until 2/4 i read until want die liao
today teacher give the BC ,MM n SJ test paper
BC i get 70% SJ is 41 then MM 92%...
i think my SJ n GG also want tuition liao~.~
GG test paper teacher give at monday
i got 50% only , then BM is 51% , SN is 52%
50, 51,52 i take all~.~......
after exam want do projek o.. haiz...
next month exam again at 20/5(teacher say)
oh my godness!!!!!!!!!!
my sister say me is last minite read so get this type of score..
next exam i will gambateh de...